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Are you interested in learning what our courses are like for parents and students? Get acquainted with some of our Journey Homeschool families and read their stories below!

My kids love Earth Science Explored. It has made them logical thinkers and given them confidence in their ability to learn science. As a mom, it has equipped me to be a better teacher to my children. ”  

Jenni Early
Homeschool Mother of 6

My daughter Jasmine is not a fan of science but she was excited to take Experience Chemistry. The videos and labs were so engaging and hands-on that she did class on her own. Experience Chemistry was a great investment for our family.” 

Patricia Bird
Homeschool Mom of 4

Journey Homeschool Academy is something that is far above everything else that we’ve ever seen — any kind of book curriculum, any other Christian curriculum, as far as science. The way they have managed it has just been absolutely engaging and wonderful for all the ages in our family. ”  

Alisa Morford
Homeschool Mother of 9, Utah

I can’t express enough how Journey Homeschool Academy simplified teaching homeschool high school science. I don’t know that it could get any easier than this setup. It was great for me, and it was great for my daughter.” 

Melissa Andersen
Homeschool Mom

We just had our state certified teacher visit us recently and she was absolutely floored at the level of work my two kids did with Experience Biology. She was especially impressed by the quality of the lab assignments. She said it was the best homeschool science she has seen in 10 years of doing portfolio reviews.” 

Shelly Todd
Homeschool Mom

My son now asks for science — it’s not a chore. The content is really perfect, open-and-go with a solid, faith-based curriculum. The videos are engaging and not too long.” 

Auburn Giberson

Experience Astronomy helped my daughter develop a love for astronomy and an enthusiasm for science. I’m astonished at the amount of astronomy knowledge she can share off the top of her head after taking this course. On a trip to the Griffith Observatory, she was able to narrate me through the night sky and even answer a question that the Griffith guide could not. ” 

Beth Toft
Homeschool Mom of 2

Experience Biology: Elementary has saved my sanity. When I had to focus my time and energy elsewhere, I was confident my kids were getting a quality science education. I will trust anything that Journey Homeschool Academy puts out because they’re solidly based with a biblical worldview. ” 

Laura Smith

I was a bit worried about how this would all work out … but [my son] completely managed the whole thing. From the very first day he was enthusiastic and on board. I didn’t have to ask him to do his lesson or to remind him to pull out his notebooks once! ” 

Homeschool Mom

“What sold me on this online homeschool science is the fact that my kids cannot get enough of it. They talk about science throughout the day, all week long. Experience Astronomy has made science come alive for all of us this year. I whole-heartedly recommend this astronomy homeschool curriculum.”

Homeschool Mom of 4

I love (LOVE) that we can tailor this curriculum to what works for us – as a Charlotte Mason family, I’m not looking for tons of tests and quizzes to gauge understanding, since we rely on narration (telling back of what they just learned). But I know other families who want that tangible evidence of accomplishment, and there are plenty of printables to help with just that!” 

Homeschool Mom of 7

My job as a homeschool mom is to be chief researcher and find resources that can help my children learn subjects that aren’t my forte. I consider it a victory when I find a quality resource that my kids LOVE and learn from. That happened this year in science… Experience Astronomy has been such a great class for my son…I’m blown away by the amount of knowledge he has gained about God’s vast creation. ” 

Mom of 2

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