Earth Science Explored

The Earth science curriculum for homeschooling families who want high quality science education plus an engaging, hands-on experience.

Think you need to be a “science person” to teach your kids science?

Think again.

Maybe you passed high school biology by the skin of your teeth.

Maybe the periodic table makes your head swim. (Coffee anyone?)

Or maybe with 3,482 other things to teach your kids… you just need to leave science to someone else.

Think you need to be a “science person” to teach your kids science?

Think again.

Maybe you passed high school biology by the skin of your teeth.

Maybe the periodic table makes your head swim. (Coffee anyone?)

Or maybe with 3,482 other things to teach your kids… you just need to leave science to someone else.

Here’s the deal…

You started homeschooling not because you “know everything” …but because you wanted to give your kids a great education outside the classroom.

Here’s a little secret for you:

You still can.

See, the most successful science-teaching homeschool parents aren’t the ones who know everything —

They’re the ones who find the best resources, who sometimes roll up their sleeves and learn alongside their kids, and who ultimately teach their kids to teach themselves.


Engaging, hands-on science…that practically teaches itself!

Earth Science Explored in 4 Easy Steps…


Students login to their online classroom each week and watch an engaging video lesson. Students can move through the program at their own pace. 


Students take a weekly comprehension quiz, plus a mid-term and a final exam. Don’t worry: it’s all graded for you so you don’t have to do the work.



Each week, students will have a hands-on lab or activity to help bring what they’re learning in class to life.


Students are assigned weekly reading from a recommended textbook. It’s optional, but we highly encourage you to grab the textbook (or an alternative textbook of your choosing).

As homeschoolers, it can be difficult to find curriculum that not only challenges, but engages our children.

It’s usually one or the other: too easy, too boring, or too hard. Luke and Trisha have been inspired by God to create a curriculum that balances all of that. I love the depth of knowledge they are gaining from the information. They know more than I do now and I’ve been through college geology and earth science! Never before has there been a curriculum that is so versatile in the choice for parents to be hands-off or fully engaged.

During busy weeks, I can ask the children to “go do science”. They can do it on their own and I can fully trust Luke and Trisha to present the information in the method, and belief system, in which I would present it to them myself. On less busy weeks, I can sit and watch the videos with them, gaining a greater knowledge. Earth Science Explored encourages a fairly high intellectual demand from my children and that is exactly what we want for our children!

- Alisa

Mom of Earth Science Explored students

I wasn’t sure whether my daughter would be able to manage Earth Science Explored independently.

I love the built in responsibility of having to finish one lesson before the next lesson is available and having to check off boxes of what she’s completed. It takes the ball out of my hands and makes her responsible to know what she’s supposed to be doing. This has been one of the best parts of our homeschool year. It has definitely helped with my daughter’s independence, and helped her learn skills I wasn’t thinking about — like taking notes and studying for a test.

- Leanne

Mom of Earth Science Explored student

Check out Earth Science Explored!

35 fun, engaging video lessons to help your child understand new and exciting concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Carefully planned labs and activities so your child can explore earth science — hands on! See the lab supply list here.

Lab video guides for the labs and activities that are a bit more difficult to understand. We’ll be right there helping your student every step of the way!

Online, graded quizzes and exams, so you can take a break from correcting your child’s work.

Curriculum guide to help you and your student understand how the course works.

Lesson outlines to help your student grasp important concepts, learn new terms, and help with note taking.

Reading assignments that will help your student further their understanding of the course material in a new way.

When you enroll in Earth Science Explored, you’re making an investment that’s much more than a textbook—it’s an experience your family will never forget!

This program literally fell into our laps after searching and toiling over which science curriculum to choose for our boys…

I have a Biology degree so I knew I wanted a meaty and informational science curriculum for my children, but not one so cumbersome it weighed us down. I wanted something full and thorough, yet not so rigorous it didn’t offer us time to explore the real world of science happening all around us. I wanted something that allowed my kids to be hands-on, because science is about learning through exploration. But I don’t love a huge mess, so experiments had to make sense, be planned, and not cause a giant hiccup in the rest of our school day.

I tried curriculum after curriculum that seemed as if it should check these boxes, but we kept falling on our faces. Some were so rigorous it was stressful. Some were just boring. Some were so clunky with parts and pieces and no logical layout. I thought I had hit the end of the line, exhausting all options when I happened upon Journey. Thank you for your efforts and helping to check all the boxes for us. Earth Science Explored was the breath of fresh air I had been seeking!


Mom of two Earth Science Explored students

I appreciated learning more about both Old Earth and Young Earth views in Earth Science Explored.

As children get older, it’s important for them to learn all viewpoints. They need to understand what they believe and why and be able to effectively communicate their position to others in a respectful way.


Mom of Earth Science Explored student

Enroll Today!

*Lab & Activity Manual and Student Guidebook are provided as a pdf download with the purchase of the course.

I needed a more in-depth science course for my very science-minded daughter that she could do mostly on her own.

The content has been very accurate and the right depth for middle school. The quizzes and tests have required studying but aren’t overly challenging, so my daughter doesn’t feel discouraged. I love that your program not only teaches science, but teaches note-taking and study skills as well. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence in her ability to study and take tests this year!

- Justine

Mom of Earth Science Explored student

I wanted a solid science program, one where I didn’t have to teach my daughter myself…

but what most won me over was when my daughter referenced something in Scripture after her science lesson — it brought it all together and that was the best part. You can feel confident and assured your kids will learn, have fun, and be given a Biblical worldview when they’re signed up for this program!


Mom of Earth Science Explored student

You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers!

What is covered in the course?

Great question! Check out the Earth Science Explored Scope and Sequence here for an overview of the topics we cover in this course.

What is included in my purchase?

You’ll have access to all lesson and lab videos along with PDF downloads of the student guidebook, lab guide, curriculum guide,  answer keys, and additional resources on geological time theories. 

Should you want a physical copy of the guidebook or lab guide, those are available for purchase in our store. It is highly recommended that you purchase one of the following textbooks: Novare Earth Science or Bob Jones Earth Science. 
Novare is written from an Old Earth perspective; Bob Jones is written from a Young Earth perspective

You will also be responsible for purchasing lab supplies for any labs you’d like your student to complete. 

When does the course begin?

You’ll have immediate access to begin the course whenever you would like after you register!

Since this course is self-paced, you, the parent, have control over when your student begins the course. You can start as soon as you register, or wait a few weeks or months. Beginning the course is as easy as pressing a button. Once you begin the course for your student, they will have one year to access the course.

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll have access to the course for one year from your start date — you choose the start date. There are 35 weekly lessons, so that should provide ample time for your student to complete the course. Once each video is live, your student can watch and re-watch it anytime they would like to throughout the duration of the course.

Does my child have to view the course videos on specific days?

No, students can watch the lessons any time throughout the week. Once released, each video can be reviewed as many times as the student wants through the end of the course.

Can I take this course if I live outside the United States?

You sure can! We’ve made sure to make the lessons applicable to those worldwide. We’re excited to welcome our friends in other countries to join us as we study the stars—both northern and southern hemispheres.

Can we use a different textbook for this course?

We believe parents are best equipped to determine their student’s educational needs. As a homeschool course, you’re welcome to choose whatever textbook you’d prefer for your student to use or omit textbook reading altogether if you’d prefer. For most students, anytime they can use multiple modes of learning, it helps them retain information better.

After reviewing many, many textbooks we chose Novare Earth Science and Bob Jones Earth Science because we believed these textbooks did an excellent job of reinforcing the concepts students are learning in the lectures. We provide recommended reading from them, however, if you choose another textbook you’ll need to be sure to assign students what you’d like them to read each week.

Please Note: Novare Earth Science is taught from an old Earth perspective and Bob Jones Earth Science is taught from a young Earth perspective. We present information on both theories within the course and provide parents with more resources to present their students on one or both theories as they see fit. We believe students need to be exposed to both perspectives as they will encounter these in the wider world and within the church. We recommend parents choose the textbook they feel most comfortable with.

We have also created alternative reading schedules to accompany several other commonly used textbooks by homeschoolers. While we cannot vouch for every detail in these textbooks, the reading lists provided here generally overlap with what is covered in each of the lessons in the course.

In addition to our recommended textbooks, we currently have a reading list available for the following textbooks:

  • Discovering Design With Earth Science, Berean Builders (1st edition)
  • Science: Earth and Space, Abeka (1st edition)

What additional books or supplies will I need for this course?

Students will need a number of different supplies to complete the labs and activities work. See the complete Earth Science Explored Lab and Activity List.

It is highly recommended, though not required, that you purchase one of our recommended textbooks — Novare or Bob Jones Earth Science. While this is our preferred textbook for the class, we’ve also included reading lists for several other textbooks, or you may omit textbook reading.

A PDF download of the Student Guidebook and Lab Guide are available as part of the course purchase. 

How long do students have to complete individual lessons?

We recommend students plan to complete one lesson per week to finish the course at a typical school year. Once your student begins the course they will receive access to the next lesson within 1-2 hours of completing the current lesson. This allows you the flexibility to work ahead if needed to account for vacations or time off while still finishing the course in the typical timeframe. 

Students will have a full calendar year to complete the course, so if they fall a week or two behind, they should still have plenty of time to complete the course.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 100% money-back, happiness guarantee within 30 days of the course start date OR 6 months from purchase date (whichever is less). Simply email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Do you discuss the age of the earth in this course?

In middle school Earth Science (Level B) we always acknowledge the creator of the universe. We also address the various theories behind the age of the earth. We know there are Christian scientists in both old earth and young earth camps who disagree passionately on this topic. 

We present information on both theories within the course and provide parents with more resources to present their students on one or both theories as they see fit. We believe students need to be exposed to both perspectives as they will encouter these in the wider world and within the church.

While we do not give students the answer to this question, we give them the framework to begin to understand the differences and think critically about each position—and we encourage parents to join in on this discussion with their students.

A few of the things your student will learn…

How one massive hail storm killed hundreds in a single day, but ended a war that lasted decades.

5 of the most expensive minerals in the world—and what makes them so special.

The emperor who saw a solar eclipse and died of fright—plunging his kingdom into terrible civil war.

How to find the weight of the earth (and why it matters).

The crazy week the U.S. saw 360 tornados, and how it all started.

The most deadly tsunami in recorded history and the event that set it off!

and so much more!

We have a Fabulous Fit Promise. We want this course to be a fabulous fit for your family. Based on our parent and student feedback, we think you will be.

However, we offer a 100% money-back, happiness guarantee within 30 days of the course start date OR 6 months from purchase date (whichever is less).

We were looking for a science curriculum with a Biblical worldview, without an enormous amount of textbook reading.

We had used an online curriculum the last 2 years, but it just didn’t fit my son’s learning style. My son’s learning style is visual-spatial so “hands-on” curricula works best for him. I love that I can rely on the video teaching. The fill in the blank notes have really helped him stay engaged during the lecture and shows he wasn’t just going through the motions of doing schoolwork. It’s a blessing to know he’s doing well in this subject with very little investment of my time.

- Melanie

Mom of Earth Science Explored student

Our middle schooler was ready for a more formal and challenging science — Earth Science Explored delivered on all counts!

My daughter was eager to do science every day and ends nearly every lesson and lab with, “that was really cool!” I think it’s important, along the way, for children to hear voices other than our own, but I’m very particular about who those voices are. I couldn’t be happier that we have invited Luke and Trisha into our school days.

- Mandy

Mom of Earth Science Explored student

Access Your Lessons on Any Device

I had zero concerns about this curriculum because it’s the third JHA course we’ve used.

I knew my kids would be stretched academically, and I could trust the content. I loved the fact that this course required my kids to take notes, complete reading assignments, and monitor their own progress—growing them up a little.

- Lisa

Mom of Earth Science Explored students

I love how your program approaches old and young Earth theories.

This has led to great discussions. My daughter couldn’t tell which theory you believed based on your lecture. We discussed how the best teachers present you with all the facts and let you make your own opinion.


Mom of 3 Earth Science Explored student

We used your elementary level courses, and loved them. I was hoping the middle school level class would be a good fit for us…

It totally was! All the parts of the class work really well together. I’ve watched the videos with my kids, and we’ve learned so much. This class has been great for my whole family!


Mom of 3 Earth Science Explored students!

*Lab & Activity Manual and Student Guidebook are provided as a pdf download with the purchase of the course.


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