Experience Chemistry

The chemistry curriculum for homeschooling families who want high-quality science education plus an engaging, hands-on experience.

Think you need to be a “science person” to teach your kids science?

Think again.

Maybe you passed high school biology by the skin of your teeth.

Maybe the periodic table makes your head swim. (Coffee anyone?)

Or maybe with 3,482 other things to teach your kids… you just need to leave science to someone else.

Think you need to be a “science person” to teach your kids science?

Think again.

Maybe you passed high school biology by the skin of your teeth.

Maybe the periodic table makes your head swim. (Coffee anyone?)

Or maybe with 3,482 other things to teach your kids… you just need to leave science to someone else.

Here’s the deal…

You started homeschooling not because you “know everything” …but because you wanted to give your kids a great education outside the classroom.

Here’s a little secret for you:

You still can.

See, the most successful science-teaching homeschool parents aren’t the ones who know everything —

They’re the ones who find the best resources, who sometimes roll up their sleeves and learn alongside their kids, and who ultimately teach their kids to teach themselves.


Engaging, hands-on science…that practically teaches itself!

Experience Chemistry in 4 Easy Steps…


Students login to their online classroom each week and watch an engaging video lesson. Students can follow the group pace or move more quickly through the program on their own.


Students take a weekly comprehension quiz, plus quarterly exams. Don’t worry: it’s all graded for you so you don’t have to do the work.



Each week, students will have a hands-on lab experiment to help bring what they’re learning in class to life and be assigned thought-provoking questions or practice equations to deepen their understanding of complex chemistry concepts.


Students are assigned weekly reading assignments from Conceptual Chemistry or Modern Chemistry — you choose the textbook that’s the best fit for your student. It’s optional, but we highly encourage you to grab one of these fantastic chemistry textbooks to help reinforce the lessons your student is learning.

I hated the idea of my daughter doing work alone— simply handing her a boring textbook…

…but it’s difficult for me to do any school with my daughter since she has 3 younger siblings that need help and I work from home. We hadn’t used any online courses, so I was concerned online biology would be boring for my daughter.

Experience Biology has such engaging lesson videos and the labs are interesting. So even though she’s done the course alone, it’s been a lot of fun!

- Melissa

Mom of Experience Biology student

Check out Experience Chemistry!

This high school program will give your student enough hours for high school credit! And it’s perfect for students looking for a college prep Chemistry course.

Two engaging video lessons for every weekly lesson to help your child understand new and exciting concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

Carefully planned lab work with corresponding lab video lessons throughout the year so your child can experience chemistry — hands on! You can see the lab supply list here

Online, graded quizzes and exams, so you can take a break from correcting your child’s work.

Curriculum guide to help you and your student understand how the course works.

Research questions & practice equations to help your student delve deeper into some of the rich concepts covered in this course.

Lesson outlines to help your student grasp important concepts, learn new terms, and help with note taking.

Reading assignments that will help your student further their understanding of the course material in a new way.

Certificate of completion for a job well done when the course is completed.

When you enroll in Experience Chemistry, you’re making an investment that’s much more than a textbook—it’s an experience your family will never forget!

My son took Experience Astronomy, so I knew I could trust your approach to teaching Biology.

The course was thorough and taught from a Christian worldview. I forward your emails to other parents and suggest your resources all the time. Thank you for your work! It’s making a huge difference. All of my remaining children will take your courses and I’m looking forward to you creating more!

- Alisa

mom of Experience Biology and Astronomy student

I was concerned enrolling my kids in Experience Astronomy wouldn’t be a good use of our financial resources…

However, by my estimate, each week’s lesson costs just a few dollars per week—an excellent value!

- Tammy

mom of Experience Astronomy student

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*Lab & Activity Manual and Student Guidebook are provided as a pdf download with the purchase of the course.

You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers!

What is covered in the course?

Great question! Check out the Experience Chemistry Scope and Sequence here for an overview of the topics we cover in this course.

When does the course begin?

This couse is self-paced and you can anytime after you register during an enrollment period. Our annual open enrollment is from April through August. We also offer brief enrollment periods in the fall and winter. Be sure you’re subscribed to our email list to receive notification when we next open enrollment, and contact us with any questions!

You, the parent, have control over when your student begins the course. You can start as soon as you register, or wait a few weeks or months. Beginning the course is as easy as pressing a button. Once you begin the course for your student, they will have one year to access the course. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll have access to the course for one year from your start date — you choose the start date (access may begin after September 1). There are 35 weekly lessons, so that should provide ample time for your student to complete the course. Once each video is live, your student can watch and rewatch it anytime they would like to throughout the duration of the course.

Are there any math prerequisites for this course?

Your student should have completed a pre-algebra course prior to taking this chemistry course. Students should have a good grasp of multiplication, division, fractions, and a basic understanding of algebraic equations.

Does my child have to view the course videos on specific days?

No, students can watch the lessons any time throughout the week. Once released, each video can be reviewed as many times as the student wants through the end of the course.

Can we use a different textbook for this course?

We believe parents are best equipped to determine their students educational needs. As a homeschool course, you’re welcome to choose whatever textbook you’d prefer for your student to use or omit textbook reading altogether if you’d prefer. For most students, anytime they can use multiple modes of learning it helps them retain information better.

After reviewing many, many textbooks we chose Conceptual Chemistry and Modern Chemistry (you choose the textbook you prefer) because we believe these textbooks do an excellent job of reinforcing the concepts students are learning in the lectures. We provide recommended reading for your student, however if you choose another textbook you’ll need to be sure to assign students what you’d like them to read each week. 

Can I take this course if I live outside the United States?

Yes. This course is not specific to any particular location.

What additional books and supplies will I need for this course?

Students will need a number of different supplies to complete the labs and activities work. See the complete Experience Chemistry Lab Supply List.

It is highly recommended, though not required, that you purchase the Conceptual Chemistry textbook.

A PDF download of the Student Guidebook and Lab Guide are available as part of the course purchase.

How long do students have to complete individual lessons?

We recommend students plan to complete one lesson per week to finish the course at a typical school year. Once your student begins the course they will receive access to the next lesson within 1-2 hours of completing the current lesson. This allows you the flexibility to work ahead if needed to account for vacations or time off while still finishing the course in the typical timeframe.

Students will have a full calendar year to complete the course, so if they fall a week or two behind, they should still have plenty of time to complete the course.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 100% money-back, happiness guarantee within 30 days of the course start date OR 6 months from purchase date (whichever is less). Simply email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Our science curriculum was stale. I wanted to spend time with my son on a subject we could enjoy together…

I loved getting outside with my son and doing the observation activities. The videos always had something that we really related well to and could remember even beyond test. And I really enjoyed the teaching on classic mythology—it’s something Christian curricula is often afraid to touch, but it opened up lots of good discussion about worldview.

- Cindy R.

Mom of Experience Astronomy student

A few of the things your student will learn…

How an English school teacher changed the study of chemistry as we know it.

What the card game Solitaire has to do with all the elements in the universe.

Why the tire on your car may be the biggest single molecule you’ve ever seen.

How to put out a magnesium fire (Hint: Don’t use water; it will make it worse).

Why ice is one of the secret ingredients to life on earth.

Batteries, computers, jet engines, and hip replacements: these are all due to a strange German goblin discovered over 500 years ago.

and so much more!

We have a Fabulous Fit Promise. We want this course to be a fabulous fit for your family. Based on our parent and student feedback, we think you will be.

However, we offer a 100% money-back, happiness guarantee within 30 days of the course start date OR 6 months from purchase date (whichever is less).

Our homeschool had been turned upside down with family and health issues…

…so my daughter needed structure—something that would be there for us every week but would be flexible enough that she could use it at any time. Experience Astronomy was the perfect answer for our situation. We could count on science for that time period.

- Linda R.

Mom of Experience Astronomy student

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*Lab & Activity Manual and Student Guidebook are provided as a pdf download with the purchase of the course.


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