Auburns’s Story:

How Journey Homeschool Academy Gave Auburn Giberson an “Open-and-Go” Curriculum that Balances Solid Science with a Biblical Worldview


Auburn Giberson

Tennessee, USA

Auburn Giberson and her husband are dedicated to homeschooling their children with an approach that’s rooted in a biblical worldview — while keeping them engaged and curious.

What Journey Homeschool Academy Offers:


  • Video lessons and activities that keep students engaged and learning
  • Multi-sensory lessons and field observations that keep students engaged

What Auburn Got:


  • Completely planned lessons that fit into the family’s busy days
  • An engaging curriculum her entire family loved
  • The joy of watching her children learn and retain the information

The Challenge

Delivering a solid science curriculum without hours of planning

Auburn’s oldest son loves science and is full of questions and curiosity. When he was in first grade, the family began using a textbook-based science curriculum, hoping to further nurture his interests. But since he already spent much of his day listening to other material being read aloud, he struggled to pay attention during the science lessons. Instead, Auburn found herself skimming the material and summarizing it. Even though the information was good, the style didn’t lend itself to the family’s teaching and learning style — it simply wasn’t engaging.

Meanwhile, Auburn had to balance teaching her oldest with caring for two younger children. She needed an out-of-the-box curriculum designed to hold an elementary schooler’s attention — and she wanted it to integrate faith with solid scientific principles.

Even though my son is very interested in science, it was a lot harder to add the textbook-based science to the day. When you have a very active boy who’s already listening to a lot of other things, it was just too heavy, too much reading. It didn’t hold his attention.

The Solution

An engaging “open and go” course that balances the scientific with the biblical

Just after her son finished first grade, Auburn discovered Journey Homeschool Academy’s summer courses: Backyard Bugs and Summer Stargazing. The entire family participated together, spending evenings in the backyard with an “effortless” nightly ritual they all grew to love. Auburn’s oldest loved it so much he got a telescope for his birthday — and asked if he could keep learning science with Journey Homeschool Academy.

Impressed with the approach, Auburn signed him up for Experience Astronomy: Elementary. The combination of short videos (less than 15 minutes), suggested reading lists, quizzes, and other activities made it easy to integrate science into their homeschool curriculum without any additional planning.

The whole family now watches the Experience Astronomy videos together. Auburn enjoys learning with her son, and her college professor husband and their four-year-old daughter are also picking up new information.

Auburn especially appreciates how the curriculum balances scientific rigor with the biblical worldview that resonates with her family.

I love how open-and-go it is, especially when I know it’s a solid lesson. I don’t feel I have to supplement anything. It’s solid science, but from a biblical perspective.

The Result

Learning that sticks and inspires more learning

Experience Astronomy: Elementary has nurtured Auburn’s son’s interest in science and opened new doors. No longer a chore, he now asks for more science. And since he’s engaged in the material, he’s learning and retaining the information — even correcting his cousin on science topics.

During the next school year, Auburn plans to teach Experience Biology: Elementary, confident that the curriculum will be just as solid as Experience Astronomy proved to be.

I love the videos because I get to sit back and learn with him. It’s really neat that we can all do it together — even my four-year-old has picked up things. And I love that he is so into it, because then it’s not hard. Learning comes naturally when we’re interested.

Help your student get excited about science with an engaging, faith-based curriculum you can trust.

Inspire your student to learn with flexible, engaging lessons that hold their attention. Journey Homeschool Academy’s multi-sensory approach makes students ask for more science.

My son now asks for science — it’s not a chore. The content is really perfect, open-and-go with a solid, faith-based curriculum. The videos are engaging and not too long.” 

Auburn Giberson



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