Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt — for the whole family!

You’ve carefully planned a nice family trip to the zoo. You’ve got the sunscreen, the picnic lunches, bottled water. You’re all ready for an awesome day outside learning about God’s creation. Until…

The whining ensues. The tweens want to know how much longer — they’re hot and bored. The teens just want to get back to texting their friends. And just like that…this fun, educational family trip has fallen to pieces.

There’s a better way mama! How can you make your next trip to the zoo an unforgettable one (even your teens will be excited about)? A trip they’ll all walk away from where they’ve actually learned something.

How to make this your best zoo trip ever!

  1. Download the zoo photo scavenger hunt below — there’s a teen version and a younger kid version.
  2. Consider inviting friends to come along with you (the more the merrier).
  3. Stay together or divide the kids into groups of 2 or 3.
  4. Make sure all the teams have a zoo map, a Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt checklist, a pen or pencil, and a digital camera or phone with camera. (The camera is optional, but it certainly makes it a lot more fun.)
  5. Give all the teams a time limit and a specific location to meet at the end of the time limit.
  6. Award points for every animal found. Congratulate the winners!

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