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Troubleshooting: Having Problems Viewing the Video Lessons?

Journey Homeschool Academy uses a service called Vimeo to host our video lessons. Vimeo is known for delivering high quality videos very dependably.

There are, however, times when there are unforeseen compatibility issues. Follow the steps below if you are encountering any problems.

If the video box says the player might be temporarily down or moved…

You may see a message in the video box that says “The webpage at […] might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

If this happens…

1. Check the settings on your antivirus or parental filtering software or router. You may need to adjust the settings to allow Vimeo to work.

2. See if you can view the video in another browser. If so, the problem is likely an application or extension interfering with the original browser or your browser may need to be updated.

If your video takes a long time to buffer and play (or it never finishes buffering)…

1. On the bottom right of the video, click on the gear icon. Make sure it is set on “Auto.” If your Internet speed or computer processing speed is slow, “Auto” mode will detect this and play the video at a slightly lower quality so the video will play. If “Auto” isn’t available, switch to a lower quality option like 540p or 360p.

2. Sometimes playback issues arrive when you have multiple programs are running while viewing video. Try closing unused applications or browser tabs.

3. If there are still playback issues, try opening the page with the video in a different browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). If you notice one browser giving you problems, check to see if that browser has an update available, or use the browser that gives you the fewest problems.

4. If the above steps haven’t worked, use the following steps to have Vimeo fix the issue (this will take you less than 5 minutes to complete)…

  • Open the page on with the video lesson that’s giving you problems.
  • Press play and watch the video
  • Once the issue occurs, press “d” on your keyboard to open the debug panel
  • Click the blue “Copy Debug Key” button to obtain the unique ID associated with your playback session
  • Go to this link to tell Vimeo you are having playback issues.
  • In your report to Vimeo, be sure to give them:
    • a detailed description of the problem you’re having (like buffering issues)
    • paste the debug log you just copied
    • your results from this speed test (the number listed after “My speed”)
    • the web address of the page on where you’re having the issues
    • your username and password for the Journey website

Once you’ve given this information to Vimeo, they’ll look into your issue ASAP.

If Vimeo needs to communicate with us, you can share our email with them in case there is anything we need to fix on our end: