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Explore the wonders of physical science and discover the incredible handiwork of our Creator!

Physical Science Explored Level B (for the middle school years) and Physical Science Explored Level C (for high school) take students on a fascinating tour of many of the science topics students will see as they continue through high school and beyond. Inside, your student will learn about matter, force, motion, and much more while laying the foundation for understanding more advanced physics and chemistry concepts and vocabulary.

By the end of the course, students will have not only an understanding of the concepts of physical science, but they’ll also begin to discern firsthand how the intricacies of the physical world reflect the creativity, order, detail, and power of our Creator. Try out the preview lessons below with your child and see for yourself!

This preview includes a video introduction to Lesson 1, plus the full content of Lesson 4 — so you can get a feel for how your student will experience the course!

Lesson 1:
Introduction to Physical Science & the Scientific Method

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. From the tiniest particle to the tallest mountain, He created it all using only His Word. In this course, you will learn how God’s creation works, what it’s made up of, and how it all works together. This lesson introduces you to physical science and the two main branches of this discipline. In addition, we talk about an important process we use to study science in this course and beyond: the scientific method.

Lesson 4:
Classification & Properties of Matter

For millennia, human beings have been fascinated with what exactly makes up the universe. And today, we know more than ever about the matter that makes up the world. We study matter and the changes it undergoes in the field of chemistry. 


Students will have a lab or activity to give them a hands-on opportunity to experience the concepts presented in the lessons. Many weeks, students will also have lab videos to walk them through the activity

Lesson 4: Physical vs. Chemical Changes

In this lab, you will explore the differences between physical and chemical changes.

Comprehension Quizzes

Each week students have a comprehension quiz that’s auto-magically graded. They can use the results from this quiz to help them go back and study areas they’re weak in.

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*Lab & Activity Manual and Student Guidebook are provided as a PDF download with the purchase of the course. Physical copies of the books are not yet available as this is the first year of the course and the resources are still in development.


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