Why do we see what we see in the heavens? Experience Astronomy Level B (for 11-14 year olds) and Experience Astronomy PLUS (Level C for 14-18 year olds) takes students on an adventure of discovering the Lord’s sky.

This course is an introduction to “classical” astronomy—learning about how the sun, moon, stars, and planets move. Students learn to read the sky like a map: by the end of their studies, they are able to identify, on sight, dozens of constellations, as well as the brightest stars and planets—knowing their names and many of the mythologies behind them.

Experience Astronomy+ (Level C) builds on our Level B program and takes students to the next level. Through twelve additional lectures and 12 hands-on projects & research papers, students learn about the fascinating connections between human cultures and astronomy all over the world.

The preview below includes the full content of Lessons 1 and Lesson 24— so you can get a feel for how your student will experience this course.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

In this lesson, we look at purpose of this course, a review of how the course works each week, the difference between astronomy and astrology, reasons why we should study astronomy, and the reasons why God created the sun, moon, and stars.

Lesson 24: The Phases of the Moon

In this lesson, we talk at length about why the moon goes through phases and what those phases are. We also talk about the different ways the moon appears in the sky, how it moves around the Earth, and some of the main features on the moon.

Comprehension Quizzes

Each week students have a comprehension quiz that’s auto-magically graded. They can use the results from this quiz to help them go back and study areas they’re weak in.

Preview of the Field Guide

Each week students get outside to look at the sky with the help of the field guide and stargaze video tutorials. The course follows the sky as it changes throughout the years. Preview Lessons 1 and 24 in the Field Guide.

Ready to Experience Astronomy?

To get more information and enroll, visit our Experience Astronomy (Level B) and Experience Astronomy PLUS (Level C) info page.

*Field Guide and Student Guidebook are provides as a pdf download with the purchase of the course. You may purchase a physical copy of the books separately.

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