Earth science is more than just rocks! In Earth Science Explored Level B (for 11-14 year olds) your student will learn about geology, weather, natural disasters, oceans, resources, seasons, and fossils! 

We’ll start the year exploring how different types of rock are formed. Your student will discover the power behind volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Students will also be exposed to the majesty of auroras and meteors. They’ll examine why we have seasons, how we can predict the weather, and where fossils came from. Earth Science is about learning how we can worship God by harnessing the raw materials of this planet in a responsible way.

The preview below includes a video introduction to Lesson 1, plus the full content of Lesson 10—so you can get a feel for how your student will experience this course.

Lesson 1: What is Earth Science?

Get ready to take an exciting journey as we explore the Earth together — from the oceans, to the rocks, to weather patterns, to volcanos, to earthquakes, and more!

Lesson 10: Unearthing Rocks

When you pick up a rock, you are picking up a collection of minerals, a piece of the earth’s history. In this lesson, we are going to explore the journey of rocks.


Students will have a lab or activity to give them a hands-on opportunity to experience the concepts presented in the lessons. Many weeks, students will also have lab videos to walk them through the activity

Lesson 10: Observing Rock Features

In this lab, we’ll spend time observing characteristics of rocks. These are the very same characteristics that allow scientists to classify and name rocks.

Comprehension Quizzes

Each week students have a comprehension quiz that’s auto-magically graded. They can use the results from this quiz to help them go back and study areas they’re weak in.

Ready to Explore Earth Science?

To get more information and enroll, visit our Earth Science Explored (Level B) info page.

*Lab & Activity Manual and Student Guidebook are provided as a pdf download with the purchase of the course.

** Because this is our first year offering the course and it’s still in development, parents may choose a start date of August 1 or after.