Homeschool Science Supplies in Canada

Our Canadian families have noted that finding lab supplies to accompany our upper level sciences courses can be a bit trickier to source in Canada. We’ve compiled some options below and continuing to look for a Canadian Lab Supplier to partner with us to provide families with lab kits. This page will be updated as we learn of more resources available. 

Home Science Tools

Home Science Tools is a US based company that has specialty lab supplies our courses use. However, they may not ship dissection specimens and many different chemicals to Canada.

You may use the a la carte option above to purchase everything else needed for your lab. However, you will need to source dissection specimens and/or chemicals from a lab supply company in Canada.

Alternatively, in our high school biology course your students can skip the live dissections and watch our full dissection videos and write their lab report based on the observations from the videos. 

In our high school Chemistry course we include extra demonstration videos that accompany all of the labs requiring specialty chemicals, so your student could watch these videos and observe closely in order to complete their lab reports.

Spectrum Educational Supplies

Spectrum is a Canadian company offers dissection specimen, microscopes, microscope slides, rock and mineral kits, glassware, chemicals, and many other lab supplies. Being based in Canada, the shipping will likely be much less expensive than sourcing materials from the US. 

Learning House

Learning House is another Canadian company offering lab supplies, though it does not seem to offer a la carte options like Spectrum, so you will have to choose from a number of pre-determined kits they have available.

Know of More Resources?

If you know of other lab suppliers offering science supplies, please contact us! We’d love to provide our families with more options for purchasing affordable lab supplies. 



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