Engaging, hands-on online video astronomy lessons… so simple that kids can practically teach themselves!

Think you need to be a “science person” to teach your kids science?

Think again.

Maybe you can barely find Orion’s belt, and can’t remember if Polaris is the North Star or just a snowmobile brand. 

Maybe looking into a telescope makes you dizzy, and staying up late to look at the stars with your kids will leave you groggy. (Coffee anyone?)

Or maybe with 3,482 other things to teach your kids… you just need to leave astronomy lessons to someone else.

To teach your child astronomy, you don’t have to know the difference between a waxing and waning moon.

You don’t have to own a telescope.

You don’t even have to change out of your space suit pajamas!

The science of astronomy is a subject that will captivate your children—from toddlers to teens—with the wonder of exploring what’s out there.

If you’ve got an imagination, eyes, and a view of the sky, you have everything you need to come on this journey into astronomy with us.


experience astronomy

The online video astronomy curriculum for homeschooling families who want a high quality science education plus an engaging, hands-on experience.

For millennia people have been intrigued by the heavens. They’ve wondered, “What’s out there?”

Experience Astronomy will take your homeschool student on an adventure of discovering the sky & stars.

Through engaging video lectures, supplemental reading, and most importantly experiencing outdoor observations and hands-on activities, students will adopt a classical method of studying the night sky. They’ll discover answers to questions like… 

Why do we see what we see in the sky? 

How do the sun, moon, stars, and planets move… and why do they move that way?

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Because we have a lot of light pollution around us, I was concerned we wouldn’t have a good place to view the sky…

I appreciated the ease of sitting down with my kids, opening the video, and watching each lesson explained very clearly with lots of interesting historical, geographical, and scientific information. The great visuals on the videos helped us with the concepts being introduced. My kids and I have grown to love science! Thank you for your investment in families like ours.

– Becky, mom of Experience Astronomy Elementary student

Our science curriculum was stale. I wanted to spend time with my son on a subject we could enjoy together…

I loved getting outside with my son and doing the observation activities. The videos always had something that we really related well to and could remember even beyond the test. And I really enjoyed the teaching on classic mythology—it’s something Christian curricula is often afraid to touch, but it opened up lots of good discussion about worldview.

- Cindy R., mom to Experience Astronomy Level B student

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